10 Last-Minute Kitchen Decor Updates for Easter

Uh-oh. Have you looked at the calendar lately? Good Friday is tomorrow, and your kitchen still looks like it did at New Year’s, all empty and forlorn with the loss of Christmas decorations. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Here are 10 easy ways to take your kitchen from bland to beautiful, just in time to host your family for Easter lunch.


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1. Window treatments: No matter the time of year, sheer window treatments are best in the kitchen and dining room to let in ample natural light. But now that we’ve shifted back to  Daylight Savings Time, take advantage of the lingering evening sunshine with gauzy draperies like these.

2. Cushion covers: With some tacks, a hammer, some springy fabric and a few hours, you can recover your upholstered chairs for just a few bucks. To bring the outdoors in, choose a fabric with a simple, pastel floral motif.

3. Door mat: Seriously, one of the easiest things you can do to give your kitchen a fresh look is to throw out that soggy door mat that’s stained with winter’s mud; replace it with a vibrant blue or purple to spice up any space while concealing stray specs of dirt. Or, if your old mat can survive it, run it through the wash.

4. Table runner: To create a springy centerpiece, start with a table runner (or, in this case, a miniature tablecloth) that coordinates with your new upholstery. Simply top the runner with a glass vase and flowers, and viola! You’ve dressed your table for the party.


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5. Tea towels: Like that soggy door mat, your coffee-stained tea towels need to hit the wash or the trash. If you opt to buy new dish towels, look for vibrant colors and natural fabrics. While simple striped patterns like the ones shown above are always classy, consider trying a pattern with seasonal flair, such as a floral or a global print.

6. Potted flowers: A few flowers can make all the difference to a sparse or dark kitchen. It may seem redundant, but potting your flowers in a kitschy pot painted with blossoms just amps up the fun.

7. Organization: If you didn’t exactly stick to your New Years’ resolution to organize your kitchen, well, there’s no better time than now to get back on track. Invest in kitchen organizers like the stainless steel rack shown here. To discover 25 more stylish organization and storage solutions for under $25, check out our upcoming issue of Kitchens & Baths magazine, on newsstands this week!



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8. Clean and rearrange your collectibles: If your vintage collectible displays were thrown into disarray by all those Christmas decorations, now’s the time to put everything back where it belongs. Arrange your vintage enamelware, stoneware and china by size, color or type.

9. Accessorize: Also consider slipping some new pieces into your collectible displays to add variety. Alternating with sauce dishes, the apples in the cubbies shown above add color and visual interest.

10. Natural textures: Slip in natural textures, like the woven pot and basket shown above, to add warmth, variety and that extra seasonal touch.


How are you going to spruce up your kitchen this spring? Any last-minute decor ideas you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


by Elaine K. Phillips

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