4 DIY Kitchen Upgrades for Under $300, Part 2

Yes, you too can remodel your kitchen on your budget.

According to Kate Flaherty, vice president of LuxeHome, base your material selections on what will work best for you and your family. When weighing the pros and cons of a potential purchase, don’t forget to consider which materials will bring a good return on your investment should you sell your house in the future. Here are two more instant upgrades you can do yourself for less than $300.


3. Hardware


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Swapping out your outdated hardware is an easy and inexpensive makeover tip, and there are a great number of finishes to choose from today, from the antique look to highly polished metal. “Be sure whatever you choose goes with your plumbing and light fixtures, and contrasts with the cabinets,” says Kate. If you have polished hardware, for example, pick a polished faucet. “It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but make sure that it coordinates.”

The bang for your buck? A single, 3-inch cabinet drawer pull can set you back a mere $2.


4. Cabinetry


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“If your cabinets aren’t the quality they should be, you might have to rip everything apart and start over,” says Kate. But here’s the real question: Is it time for new makeup or do you need plastic surgery? Cabinets are a major part of your kitchen’s overall appearance, and quality is just as important as their color, finish and style. Minor additions like an island or peninsula can bring multi-functionality to your kitchen space, while also making it feel welcoming.

For a luxury custom kitchen without the price tag, you can find stylish products that are more affordable versions of higher-end ones. The Brookhaven line of cabinets from Wood-Mode offers a cabinet with a laminated interior instead of all solid wood, giving you the same look and function, at a lower cost. These creative options accommodate all buyers, so smaller budgets can afford luxe styles for less. “They want people to have beautiful kitchens,” says Kate. With a few key touches, your kitchen can sparkle.

The bang for your buck? If all your kitchen needs is “new makeup,” give it a fresh centerpiece by refacing your island’s doors, drawers and sides with a new stain and veneer for $100-200 per shingle cabinet.


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by Margie Monin Dombrowski



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