4th of July Etsy Roundup: Vintage Red and Blue Kitchen Accents

Keen to incorporate some 4th of July color just in time for the holiday? Check out these vintage red and blue kitchen accents that will add a pinch of summery patriotism to your windowsill, tabletop or countertop.

For a stylish, summery kitchen:

Via crazeecowgirlvintage.etsy.com.

During the Victorian era, comb cases like this one were hung in upper class bathrooms and near ladies’ vanities and were used to store hair combs. Whether made of plain metal or elaborate sterling silver, a Victorian comb case can be repurposed to hold keys, pens, flowers or most anything that’s currently stashed in your kitchen junk drawer. Wouldn’t hanging this hand-painted antique from Crazee Cowgirl’s Vintage Trading Post on your kitchen wall be a prettier storage solution?

vintage red and blue watering can

Via charliesnest.etsy.com.

This vintage red and blue watering can just begs to be repurposed as a flower vase on your kitchen’s window sill. Can’t you just imagine it filled with white flowers for the 4th of July? Lovely. Get yours from CharliesNest.

For a deliciously cheery dining room:

modern chair

Via charlienest.etsy.com.

 One quick way to give your dining room a facelift is with new chairs–or old chairs, in this case. To infuse the piece’s masculine mid-century lines with some feminine flair, this mid-century modern chair has been reupholstered with a blue floral fabric. The result is a summery piece you’ll love.

For smart storage: 

vintage red polka dot tin cans

Via oldschoolkitsch.etsy.com.

Nothing’s cuter than polka dots! Give your pantry some retro pep and a serious historical twist with this set of 8 vintage red polka dot tin cans made in–you’ll never guess–the USSR. For more surprising Soviet finds, check out Old School Kitch’s etsy shop.

For your outdoor 4th of July bash:

vintage red Knapp Monarch

Via charlienest.etsy.com.

Ahhhh. A summer picnic feast of burgers, watermelon and chips is the perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July–relaxing and nostalgic, a picnic can’t help but recall lazy summer days from childhood. Up the nostalgia by eschewing the ubiquitous $10 plasticy coolers from Target and opting for a vintage red Knapp Monarch model instead. This one from CharliesNest is 10 inches by 9 inches.

For the stylish chef:

hand-made earrings

Via thewhitehoneysuckle.etsy.com.

The easiest way to feel like a master chef is to cook while wearing your favorite jewelry. Immediately the whole experience of dicing, chopping and tossing is imbued with TV glamor. So when you host your 4th of July bash, don these lovely hand-made earrings with vintage faux pearls and turquoise glass leaf beads to cook something fabulous. Get yours for 30% off through Friday, July 5th, from TheWhiteHoneysuckle.


Via nonabellevintage.etsy.com.

Or if your taste is more toward retro kitsch, wrap this cute apron around your waist for a similar affect. NonbelleVintage has hand-made this apron from a 1940s red rooster dish towel. The phone-sized pocket on the front is a practical modern touch you’ll love.


The Well Styled Home team wishes you all a happy 4th of July!


by Elaine K. Phillips





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