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Does your contemporary kitchen lack character? Have a tiny vintage kitchen that needs an expanded, modern remodel? Building a new homefrom scratch and don’t know where to put the kitchen island? If so, Well-Styled Kitchens magazine is your go-to tool for creating your family’s dream kitchen.Our editors have gathered the advice you need from professional contractors and design experts to transform your kitchen on any budget. Featuring stylish decor suggestions, the best kitchen products and the lowdown on hot trends, Well-Styled Kitchensreveals the must-know secrets to designing your prefect kitchen.

Check out Well-Styled Kitchens’ print magazine and website for innovative ideas such as:


–  Detailed descriptions of flooring, countertop and cabinetry options, including pros and cons


–  Tours of newly-renovated kitchens and hard-earned homeowner wisdom


–  Step-by-step guides to getting a greener kitchen


–  The dos and don’ts of working with a contractor


– DIY instructions for solving your small-space storage problems


–  And much more!