Get the Hollywood Look in Your Kitchen

It was love at first sight. The moment Peter Marc Jacobson toured his newly built home’s kitchen, he knew it was the one for him. “As soon as I walked in the door, I said, ‘Wow! This is where I want to live,’” Jacobson confesses.


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For the executive producer and co-creator of both “The Nanny” and “Happily Divorced,” the one-story contemporary home was nearly perfect, with its rooftop view of Southern California hills dotted with palm trees and the bamboo floors that run throughout the house. Skylights soar overhead in this kitchen, bringing in natural light and saving energy—another unexpected bonus that Jacobson appreciates. Rich espresso cabinetry flanks two walls, the clean simple lines broken only by the occasional brushed aluminum hardware.

“Staal” stainless steel mosaic by Ann Sacks (photo via


While the home was close to perfect when he moved in, the homeowner felt it still needed a personal touch—a backsplash. So he set off on a search, at first convinced he wanted the tiny glass tiles that were all the rage. His trek led him to Ann Sacks, where he found something even better: Staal stainless steel mosaic tiles. He soon discovered he was a trendsetter in this arena, as he was the first person to purchase the glamorous tile. Warned the tile was difficult to cut, Jacobson was not deterred because he knew this was a project for a professional. “Every single last tile on the corners [of the wall] had to be cut by hand,” he admits. “It took quite a while but [the installer] did an awesome job on it, and if you look closely at it, it looks perfect.”


Fortunately, such glamour isn’t just for the stars. With just a few accessories and a bit of styling, you can set the stage for a gathering of your family and friends. All you need to add is a host of paparazzi.


Go green: Bamboo flooring is one way to bring warmth to any room, while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. Other possibilities include using salvage, incorporating recycled wood, refinishing existing cabinetry and reusing old brick.


Go glitz: A touch of tinsel town glamour helps to capture a look reminiscent of the ’40s when Art Deco reigned. During this time period—which was also a heyday for Hollywood—mirrored furniture graced starlets’ homes and movie sets. You can bring this chic look into your kitchen in many  ways: for instance, consider incorporating Staal stainless steel mosaic tiles from Ann Sacks. Or mirrors placed inside open-shelved cabinets, a line of gleaming chrome canisters or stacks of aluminum bowls can help recreate this look.


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Go industrial: Consider adding the occasional stainless steel or brushed aluminum element, such as metal barstools. They’ll add another texture to the room that may already have more than a fair amount of wooden cabinetry and floors. Stainless-steel stools are also a lightweight way to provide your guests with extra seating.


Go al fresco: Known for its warm weather and outdoor restaurants, the Hollywood look is all about entertaining outside, whenever possible. Consider portioning off part of your backyard or patio for a table and chairs, then—the next time you’re hosting a get-together—embellish your table with your finest dinnerware, linens, candles and flowers. This is not your typical backyard barbecue, but an elegant under-the-stars event, with champagne instead of beer, and memories that will last forever.


by Merrie Destefano

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