Give your Modern Kitchen a Queen Anne Makeover

The combination of modern function with 19th-century style can be difficult but it’s not impossible—and Five Oaks Manor proves it.

modern kitchen

Photograph by JaimeeItagaki

A brand-new home that looks 100 years old, Five Oaks Manor boasts a grand Queen Anne kitchen that is both classy and functional. To make their modern kitchen look Victorian, homeowners Chris and Cheryl Lentz installed an Elmira stove and a large farmhouse sink as focal points while hiding a modern refrigerator/freezer behind a wood front that replicates an old-fashioned icebox.


By following these five tips, you too can get the historical kitchen of your dreams:


  • 1). Victorian homes often had high ceilings dressed with carved molding. To get the look, try adding a thicker molding or casing around the ceiling and cabinets in your modern kitchen.


  • 2). Add decorative iron, porcelain or glass knobs to your drawers and cabinets.


  • 3). Rather than storing your beautiful dishes behind cabinet doors, consider displaying them behind glass-fronted doors or in a china cabinet or hutch.


  • 4). Instead of having all doors and panels newly painted and gleaming, consider having some doors distressed, giving the whole room a classic air of time and age.


  • 5). Modern appliances, such as microwaves, refrigerators, or dishwashers, can be faced with cabinetry doors or panels to blend in with the rest of the kitchen.


Planning to give your modern kitchen a 19th-century makeover? Finished with your historical remodel and have a story to tell? Tell us all about it in the comments below.



By Richard H. Dodd and Lexy Romano


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