How to Save Money on your Kitchen Remodel

Modern needs require modern changes. This Victorian home, though appealing to a busy family—with its spacious first floor and location right across the street from the kids’ school—still had an 1876-style kitchen. However nostalgic, the Massachusetts home’s old architecture could not fit the needs of a new family.


The glowing orb of speckled blown-glass soothes the kitchen’s angularity and creates a fantastic focal point. (Photo: Michael Lee)

Responding to their call, designer Annie Hall remodeled the kitchen with minimalist touches that create harmony and unity. “Like most modern families,” Annie says, “they wanted a family room area that was open to the kitchen.” The original floor plan connected the dining room to the kitchen, while isolating the family room. Since the young, urban family loves to cook, they need space to congregate within or near the kitchen. Annie transformed the dining room into a family room so the children had a space to gather that was viewable from the kitchen.


In the kitchen, Annie’s aesthetics help harmonize and create the an easy-going family life that is ideal for her clients, whose jobs keep them very busy. The kitchen is business-like, with straight, angular cupboards, drawers and tiles. Even horizontal drawer pulls and tall vertical candles add to the effect. But above it all, a large glass globe hangs from the ceiling. With one simple addition, the elements suddenly balance. Since the kitchen is now attached to the family room, the parents can cook in a harmonious environment while keeping an eye on the kids.


How to Save Money on your Kitchen Remodel: Annie Hall’s Top Tips

1. Annie’s Ming marble tile is sumptuous, but ceramic is a fraction of the cost and achieves the same goal.

2. For countertops, substitute a solid color laminate for stone. You can achieve a similar look without digging deep into your wallet.

3. Annie encourages, “Find package deals when purchasing new appliances. Sometimes spooning out a larger lump of dough saves you in the long run, as package deals lower individual prices and ensure that the appliances match.

4. Though eco-friendly grass cloth is appealing, it weighs on the budget. Find a faux grass cloth to give the same textured look.


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Written by Sarah Yoon

Photography by Michael Lee

Styled by Annie Hall

Modernist interior designer Annie Hall, lover of clean lines and Old-World architecture, is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After a 16-year career in education, she gained design certification and launched a design store, fondly dubbed “the smallest building in Cambridge.”

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