8 Ideas for Easter Table Settings

If you’re hosting Easter lunch this Sunday and you’re fresh out of place setting ideas, never fear. Glean your inspiration from these 8 simple table settings.


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1. Break out the vintage lace and linens: Pair delicate white lace with pastel yellow cloth linens, choosing textures that will complement the textures in your china. Don’t cover your natural wood table entirely; allow the warm wood tones to ground the table setting much as hard wood floors do a room. Keeping with a pale, two-toned color scheme, hot glue a sprig of white blossoms, a leaf and a ribbon bow to a yellow-and-white dyed Easter egg to lay on each plate.


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2. Grow some grass: Your kids will love this one. Decorating papier-mache Easter eggs are a long-standing tradition, popular in Germany in the 1800s, and easy to make (You can find some helpful instructional videos on Youtube.). Once the papier-mache eggs have dried and hardened, simply chop off their tops, gently fill them with damp soil (Don’t get the outside wet!) and seeds of your choice, and watch the plants grow. Or, if it’s already Easter Saturday, use store-bought seedlings.


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3. Use Easter eggs as place cards. Commandeer your family’s best calligrapher and force them to wield your favorite Sharpie to write each family member’s name on a separate egg for simple and seasonal name cards. Here, simplicity is key: if you try for an extravagant or whimsical egg, you’ll lose the sense of sophistication. Stick to white and a single, bright color, such as the fuchsia shown above.


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4. Repurpose an old can as a flower pot. The can’s shining surface reflects light, making a small dining room appear larger and spreading the cheery colors luminously around the room. Drape various colors and types of ribbon across the table for a party ambiance. And don’t forget the chocolate!


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5. Use what you find in your backyard: For rustic charm, use natural-toned textiles for napkins and forego the table cloth. Bring in whatever flora you can find in your yard and tie the branches together with off-white twine. Add quail’s eggs for an organic reference to overt Easter imagery.


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6. Use edible decor. All the materials used to dress up this plate are edible–and a little unexpected. Instead of a green cloth or leaf, there’s a piece of fresh lettuce, and instead of twine or twigs, there’s strips of carrots. Top it off with a crisp white egg, and you’ve got a table setting that’s completely fresh.

easter wooden eggs

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7. Incorporate wooden elements. Hand-carved and sanded wooden eggs and wound bird’s nests add rustic flair. Hot-glue rough twine to a stuffed hen to continue the rustic theme.


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8. Go for glam. Pair high-gloss ribbons, pale yellow carnations and your best service for an elegant high tea on Easter afternoon. Polka-dotted Easter eggs add a touch of fun to the sophisticated scheme.


How will you decorate your table for Easter? Tell us all about it and share your photos in the comments below.


by Elaine K. Phillips


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