Kitchen Decor Accents: Keen for Green

Emerald green —Pantone’s pick for 2013 color of the year—was a big hit at this spring’s International Housewares Association Show in Chicago as designers shared bright ideas for incorporating green into home décor. And vendors showcased new kitchen and tableware items in all shades of green, not just emerald.

Why green? Green is just the tonic if you’re seeking some a sense of peace and health in an increasingly frenzied technological world. Green is good for us, said IHA color expert Lee Eiseman. We take deeper breaths when we are surrounded by green.

kitchen appliance

Tea for One in ‘Fennel’ by Le Creuset.

Suggested color palettes for emerald green. Emerald green looks “sophisticated” when you combine it with grays, taupe, and other neutrals, according to this page on the Pantone web site with palette suggestions. It looks “energized” with lime green, grass green and turquoise. It can take on a preppy, outdoorsy look when combined with deep blues and reds.

Looking for other color palettes involving greens? Go to the palette-finding tool on the Design Seeds site (which we love), use the movable bars to select the shade of green your looking for, and see what kinds of palettes come up.

Hannes Grobe, Wikimedia Commons

Look to Art Deco colors for inspiration. Do you have a period kitchen? Do you love stained glass? Emerald green is an important color in Art Deco design, which is never out of style and will be increasingly popular in 2014 thanks to movies like The Great Gatsby, says Eiseman. (Check out the emerald green swimming pool and the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock in the movie trailer.)

Consider an accent wall. Want a splash of green without committing every wall in the your kitchen to the color. Consider a green accent wall, suggests Eiseman.

KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAid Mixer in ‘Canopy.’

Incorporate houseplants. Succulents and cacti make beautiful table arrangements, Eiseman says, and they’re easy to care for. Choose several varieties of succulents in a range of greens and cluster them together in a low table planter.

Consider kitchen appliances, cookware, tableware or linens in shades of green. The Housewares Show in Chicago is a preview of what we’ll all be seeing in stores in the coming year, and we’ll be seeing lots of beautiful, vibrant greens to incorporate into our kitchens.

—Erin Masercola

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