Small Kitchen Remodel Checklist for Young Families

Anyone who has ever walked into a 100-year-old kitchen can tell you it doesn’t work for today’s busy lifestyles. But with a few minor tweaks, you can update an old kitchen like this one and transform it into a stylish dual-purpose space. Follow these expert tips from Affecting Spaces Interior Design and Build during your next small kitchen remodel.

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Home office solution: An extra-long table transforms a dining area to a workplace in seconds. (Photo: Steve Tsai)

Consider your Children in a Small Kitchen Remodel

When designing a kitchen for a family that includes young children, focus on your personal priorities before making any purchases.

“Everyone will have different priorities when it comes to their children,” says Gillian Lazanik of Affecting Spaces Interior Design and Build. “Obviously, any space that a child lives in needs to be safe.” In this home, the owners wanted a space that was not only going to be bright and cheerful, but also memorable and sturdy. They also wanted their kitchen to stand up to the abuse it will take over the years,” she adds.

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Three cleverly labeled bins under the sink remind both parents and kids where to deposit recyclables, trash and compost materials. Keeping these items out of view allows the kitchen to maintain its clean, clutter-free look. (Photo: Steve Tsai)

Checklist for a Young Family Kitchen

• Invest in a backsplash. A bright tile backsplash brings together a room’s palette and makes a kitchen memorable for family and guests.

• Find multi-functional furniture. In a galley kitchen, a dual-purpose table that spans a long kitchen wall can allow your family to sit side-by-side over a meal or while doing homework. Keep the table against the wall to facilitate the room’s natural flow.

• Consider chalkboard paint. Whether you want to announce birthday greetings or simply plan out the meals for the upcoming week, a chalkboard makes your kitchen easily personalized and perfectly functional.

• Budget carefully. Maintaining the room’s original appliances and building cabinetry around them would enable you to invest more in décor without blowing your budget on refrigerators and stoves.

• Plan for responsible waste sorting. An undersink recycling, trash and composting station not only gives the family a way to keep the disposables out of sight, but also a central location for all of its waste needs.


by Torrey Kim

Design by Affecting Spaces Interior Design and Build

Photography by Steve Tsai


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