Small Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

After completing her tiny East-West Fusion kitchen remodel, Kim Johnson of Desire to Inspire shared with us the lowdown on her appliance and fixture choices:

kitchen remodeling

“Renovating with seven cats around? A nightmare,” Kim says. (Photo: Kim Johnson)

Greentea cabinets: “I love Greentea’s cabinets: the sliding doors are perfect in a small kitchen and my pantry unit is a dream for storage space—even in a tiny space, I have 26 drawers!”

• Refrigerator: “Since it’s counter-deep, it works perfectly in a tight space. Its flat façade appealed to me because it’s more modern looking than typical refrigerators. I had concerns that it might be too small, but its shelves are very thin and space-saving, so I have never found myself lacking room for storing groceries.”

small kitchen

Photo: Kim Johnson

• Quartz countertop: “I chose quartz for my kitchen remodel because of its sleek, modern aesthetic. After researching countertop materials, this seemed to be one of the more durable and low- maintenance options. The white quartz with flecks hides dirt and streaks really well. My parents recently chose a black quartz for their kitchen, and my mother curses it daily— it shows everything!”

• Sink: “I really wanted a single-bowl, rectangular sink because I love the modern look. I was concerned that not having a second bowl may be a nuisance, but the sink is large enough that it works for my needs. The only issue: it scratches easily, so I have been using a rectangular steel pot holder from Ikea at the bottom of the sink to keep the dishes and cutlery from resting directly on the sink surface.”

• Faucet: “My gooseneck faucet was the perfect choice—it gives plenty of clearance when I wash large pots, and I use its pull-down spout all the time when I rinse the sink.”

kitchen wash

Photo: Kim Johnson

On Budget

Wondering how much it cost for Kim to get as close as possible to her dream kitchen remodel without breaking the bank? Here’s how she portioned out her dollars and cents:

• Cabinets: about $10,500

• Tile (countertop and backsplash): $2,400

• Contractor: $9,000

• Electrician: $1,700

• Appliances: $5,500

• Light Fixtures: $1,050

• Faucet: $350

• Sink: $800

• Furnishings: $2,000

• Total cost: $23,000

What about Kim’s top money-saving tip for a kitchen remodel? Stay away from custom cabinetry, she says. “There are so many options out there at places like Ikea, Home Depot (or Greentea Design!) where you can end up with a custom-looking kitchen at a fraction of the price,” Kim says. “The details are what ended up making a fabulous kitchen—a carefully planned layout, quality appliances, funky lighting and furnishings. You don’t need to spend a fortune on the cabinets. For example, if you choose the most basic of cabinets and splurge on some fancy hardware, your cabinets will look like a million bucks.”


Written by Elaine K. Phillips

Photographed and styled by Kim Johnson

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