Tract House Kitchen Makeover

Ready to take your kitchen from before to after? David and Ginette Williams transformed their tiny ranch-style kitchen into the inviting, usable workspace shown above. Here’s how you can, too:



home kitchen

Old Kitchen


modern kitchen

Modern Home Kitchen


Select your upgrades:


Buy the best products that you can afford. You use your kitchen more than any other room in your home, so spend some cash to build a room you’ll love for years. To create their elegant kitchen, David and Ginette splurged on five fantastic upgrades:

  • Extended the exterior kitchen wall


  • Added custom cabinetry with beadboard, double-stacked crown molding and ogee feet


  • Mounted crackled-glass doors in upper cabinetry


  • Installed Santa Cecelia granite kitchen countertops


  • Built-in bay-window bench cubbies with doors and hardware


Dare to update:


If an inventive idea comes to you, try it! Don’t succumb to the temptation to second-guess every decision; most of the time, your first instinct is right. The Williamses’ kitchen succeeds with two clever innovations:

  • David crafted stained-glass panels for the bay window transoms.


  • The couple added a portable island worktable, which David built with a durable walnut top.



Choose to redecorate:


Your old, unusable kitchen may secretly have a great color palette! To create a coastal, elegant ambiance, David and Ginette reworked their 1950s kitchen’s color palette—pale blue backsplash, natural wood cabinets, and cream walls—with a contemporary white backsplash and cabinets, natural wood flooring, and pale blue accents. They completed the space with

  • Cute seaside accents like starfish and shells


  • Sheer window treatments



Have you successfully taken your kitchen from before to after? Tell us your story in the comments below!




By Rebecca J. Razo

Photography by Mark Tanner



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