8 Hot Kitchen Trends for 2013


Soleil by Le Creuset

Pondering a kitchen remodel or revamp and looking for some stylish kitchen trends with some staying power?

Take some cues from the design professionals at the recent International Housewares Association Show in Chicago. Here are a few bright ideas from kitchen trend-watchers Richard Babick and Janine Michalek of The American Living Survey. How would one or more of these hot trends look in your own kitchen?

1. Yellow is trending up both as a wall color and as an accent color. According to color psychologists, yellow exudes optimism, clarity and warmth. And because 67% of all Americans strive for kitchen style that feels “warm and friendly,” pops of yellow are a bright idea. For walls, consider a soft, nostalgic yellow such as Benjamin Moore’s 2013 color of the year, lemon sorbet.

2. Grey is the new neutral for kitchens. Stark white kitchens are out as people seek the balanced calm that grey offers. Some people are even using the term “spa kitchen” because, like their “spa bathrooms,” they view their kitchens as places to relax after a stimulating day. Grey is an ideal neutral to work with, because it goes with almost any accent colors you desire. And, even people who love white kitchens are choosing to tinge those whites with hints of color to add warmth.


Photo: KraftMaid

3. Dark woods that look luxe. For kitchen cabinetry, dark wood like cherry is trending up. Remodelers are moving away from fussy details in favor of simpler, slab designs for cabinet fronts. (No more fussy edges for countertops either. Simple and clean are in.) Many design-savvy remodelers are opting to two complementary cabinet surfaces in their kitchen to create a “furniture look,” make their kitchens more like living rooms, or add some variety to the walls of very large kitchens.

4. The kitchen is the new living room. Let’s face it and embrace it. Family and friends always gather in the kitchen, so you should at least consider the notion that your kitchen is much more than a mere food prep area. Consider comfy banquette seating in your kitchen’s eating area or multi-use island work area equipped with hideaway charging stations for mobile devices.

Image: Joseph Joseph

5. Smart ways to use space.If you are using your kitchen for other things besides food prep, you understand the importance of multipurpose and space-saving tools like these nesting bowls and measuring cups from Joseph Joseph.

6. Open shelving. Because housewares are so colorful and attractive, many remodelers are choosing open shelves that both display their cooking tools and break up the monotony that a wall of cabinets can create.

7. Nostalgia. Another reason to consider open shelving in at least some parts of our kitchen? Open shelves recall kitchens of the past, and small doses of nostalgia and retro items can give our kitchen the warm and friendly feel that most of us crave. Consider colors or patterns that remind you of yesteryear like this “pop art” beechwood salad set from Talisman Designs.

 8. ‘Small does of glam.’ If you don’t have the time or money for a full-on kitchen remodel, there are myriad low-budget ways to add elegance to your kitchen. Consider tile or accessories with translucency and shine, LED lighting under a cabinet or a kick board, or stainless steel eating utensils with lots of texture (animal prints are in.

—Erin Masercola


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